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Become a Florida LiveScan Submitter

Written February 11th, 2018

Become a Florida LiveScan Submitter

The National Live Scan Association's (NLSA) has various training programs including how to become a Florida LiveScan Submitter. There are money great things about Florida's Law Enforcement Agency (FDLE). One of them is that to become a Florida LiveScan Submitter can be done in as little as few weeks.


What Steps Do I Take to Become a Florida LiveScan Submitter?

Become a Florida LiveScan Submitter | National Live Scan Associaiton Florida LiveScan Vendor Programs, 888.498.4234 NationalLiveScan.orgOne of the first steps is to decide what type of LiveScan Device to purchase. This process by itself can be somewhat of a "challenge". Now, once a machine is chosen for your LiveScan business you are now ready contact FDLE.

When contacting FDLe let them know that you want to become a Florida LiveScan Submitter. This includes that you have, or about to, purchase a LiveScan Device. The National Live Scan Associations recommends that you be prepared when starting a business. You should be ready to answer some specific questions during your conversation with FDLE.


Certified & Approved Florida LiveScan Devices

Approved Florida LiveScan Vendor Devices have met both the FDLE and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) technical requirements for submission. However, the Florida LiveScan Device setup chosen by you MIGHT NOT meet all state regulatory agencies requirements for submission.

The FDLE websites states, "If you intend to submit transactions for a specific agency, it is recommended that you contact the agency that will be receiving the criminal history results to make sure that you meet their specifications." (Source FDLE Website http://www.fdle.state.fl.us, Feb 11, 2018)


Benefits of Becoming a Florida LiveScan Submitter

Starting a Florida LiveScan and/or an Ink Card Fingerprinting business requires minimal capital investment. Being approved by FDLe you will have the opportunity grow and development successful LiveScan Fingerprinting operations. Being able to submit individual’s descriptive data and fingerprints to Florida and FBI is one them.

As a Florida LiveScan Submitter you will providing a great community service. The National Live Scan Association has services assisting those wanting to become a Florida LiveScan Submitter. NLSA also works with its members in the purchasing of agency specific LiveScan Devices. All of NLSA's Live Scan Fingerprinting online courses are facilitated by NLSA Expert Trainers and Advisors.

Become a Florida LiveScan Submitter, Join NLSA Today! Call 888.498.4234, you can also visit http://FloridaLiveScanClasses.com for more information.