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Live Scan Fingerprint Training For Notary Publics

Written June 9th, 2013

Live Scan Fingerprint Training for Notary Publics

With the increase of FBI Criminal History Summary Checks, the need for Live Scan and FBI Ink Card Fingerprinting continues to grow. Providing Live Scan Fingerprint Training for Notary Publics places the savvy business owner in a competitive advantage in building customer loyalty, and creating an additional revenue stream. It could be viewed that Notary Publics are part of a front line echelon in the validation and verification of legal documentation.

More Satisfied Clients

Basically the clientele for Notary Publics is pretty much everyone. With that said, Notary Publics are one of the first folks that a potential client thinks of when they are in immediate need of Live Scan and/or Ink Fingerprinting services. The Live Scan Fingerprint Training for Notary Publics is design to assist those to become Certified Fingerprint Rollers for the State of California, followed by becoming a Live Scan Business Operator.

Being a Certified Fingerprint Roller is a lifetime certification from the State of California. Notary Publics that become Certified Fingerprint Rollers can now provide Live Scan services and Ink Fingerprinting (FD-258).

FBI Criminal History Summary Checks

Often referred to as a criminal history record or a “rap sheet”—is a listing of certain information taken from fingerprint submissions retained by the FBI in connection with arrests and, in some instances, federal employment, naturalization, or military service.
Ref http://www.fbi.gov 09JUN2013


Our Corporate Training Facility

The Corporate office for California Live Scan Fingerprinting Centers (CAL-LIVE) is located in beautiful West Los Angeles (Culver City, CA). Here is where the majority of Live Scan Fingerprinting and business related workshops are conducted. The Live Scan Fingerprint Training for Notary Publics is one of the most popular and newest workshops added to the curriculum.

The process of Live Scan Fingerprint Training for Notary Publics has been provided in three simple steps:

All three workshops are independent of each other; however actively participating and completing all three workshops builds a solid foundation for Notary Publics seeking to develop a more successful business. Upon receiving the DOJ certification, Notary Publics can immediately start fingerprinting on FBI Ink Fingerprint Cards and on their Live Scan device(s) once purchased and programmed.



As one can see, Live Scan Fingerprint Training for Notary Publics has great potential building one's business in providing great customer service and of course a great revenue generator. To learn more about upcoming events, just push those fancy buttons on your phone to contact us at 888-498-4234. You can also chat online with us, http://LiveScan-Classes.com. The Corporate Office website for California Live Scan Fingerprinting Centers is http://LiveScan-Fingerprinting.net.



Live Scan Certification Classes, Biometrics Fingerprint Training

Written May 14th, 2013

Live Scan Certification Classes, Biometrics Fingerprint Training

Calling (888) 498-4234 is the direct source to learning more about the Live Scan Certification Classes, Biometrics Fingerprint Training. These workshops have been designed to assist those that seek to learn more about the Live Scan Fingerprinting industry from on how to get started to growing and developing an effective Live Scan Fingerprinting Business. The Live Scan Fingerprinting Business Training Programs are catered for the new and "not so new" Live Scan Fingerprinting industry. The first series of biometrics training consist of 3-step workshop programs found at http://LiveScan-Classes.com:

  • Workshop I - Certified Fingerprint Roller
    A first step in establishing a successful career in the biometrics industry. You will learn how to become a Certified Fingerprint Roller. You will also be introduced on how to start your own Live Scan business.
  • Workshop II - Ink Card Fingerprinting 101
    Effectively learn how to roll fingerprints on Ink Fingerprint Cards. The workshop covers DOJ-FBI guidelines and procedures. This will be “real world” training, be prepared to work while having fun.
  • Workshop III - Live Scan Business 101
    This workshop for that are already Certified Fingerprint Rollers and/or current business owners. Participants will be introduced to marketing strategies, operational procedures, with live hands on training and application.


CA Live Scan Fingerprinting Centers, www.LiveScan-Fingerprinting.net

California Live Scan Fingerprinting Centers (CAL-LIVE) takes a proactive role in the development and enhancement in Live Scan Certification Classes, Biometrics Fingerprint Training programs. These programs are specifically designed; providing workbooks and reference materials to reinforce DOJ and FBI policies along with industry best practice. In addition, extensive hands-on training and practice sessions were implemented to enhance technical skills and knowledge.

Get Started Now! www.LiveScan-Classes.com

To register for Live Scan Certification Classes, Biometrics Fingerprint Training, contact us today at (888) 498-4234. Seating is limited. The instructions are approved and certified by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and California's Department of Justice (DOJ). Visit http://LiveScan-Classes.com

FBI-DOJ Certified & Approved Fingerprinting Instructors
The instructors of our Live Scan Certification Classes are certified and approved by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and the California Department of Justice (DOJ). In addition, California Live Scan Centers provides advanced training programs for its Live Scan Fingerprinting Instructors. Along with the instructors extensive training, the majority of the instructors own and/or have managed a Live Scan Fingerprinting business.


Fingerprint Rolling Certification Program

Written March 27th, 2013

Understanding DOJ's Fingerprint Rolling Certification Program

The California Department of Justice (DOJ) Fingerprint Rolling Certification Program is basically designed to pre-screen, identify and approved applicants that wish to become Certified Fingerprint Roller Technicians. Although this process may appear to be simple, becoming a Certified Fingerprint Roller takes on major responsibility and potential liability. Providing improper service and "not knowing" does not always alleviate Certified Fingerprint Roller Technicians from possible civil and criminal charges.

California Live Scan Fingerprinting Centers (CAL-LIVE) believes in continuing education for the Live Scan industry. With the recently launch website, http://LiveScan-Classes.com, the new Certified Fingerprint Roller now has a resource to go to. In addition, http://LiveScan-Classes.com is a great resource for seasoned Live Scan Technicians, Live Scan business leaders and other biometric organizations.

Fingerprint Rolling Certification

California law requires any individual who rolls fingerprints manually or electronically for licensure, certification and/or employment purposes to be certified by the state Department of Justice (Penal Code section 11102.1).
Source: State of California Department of Justice website 27-MAR-2013

Basically the just of DOJ's Fingerprint Rolling Certification Program is (1) Complete an Application, and (2) Get fingerprinted. Our 1-Day Certified Fingerprint Rolling Workshop takes the individual to the next level. Areas of discussion and practical hands-on applications in this workshop will include:

  • Live Scan Requirements & Procedures
  • Request for Live Scan Form Review
  • Descriptive Data Entry
  • Fingerprint Rolling Techniques

To register online for the upcoming "1-Day Certified Fingerprint Rolling Workshop" visit our calendar of events at http://LiveScan-Classes.com/calendar.

PLEASE NOTE: The DOJ does not accept manual hard card fingerprint impressions for Fingerprint Roller Certification submissions. Contact California Live Scan Fingerprinting Centers for the nearest fingerprinting location near you. The toll free number is 1-888-498-4234. You also have the flexibility schedule your next Live Scan appointment online, http://Appointments.LiveScan-Fingerprinting.net.

Provided information is subject to change without notice, please refer to the State of California Department of Justice website for the latest information.