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Bay Area Live Scan Fingerprinting Certification Workshops

Written September 7th, 2014

Live Scan Fingerprinting Certification Workshops in Bay Area

Live Scan Fingerprinting Certification Workshops offered in San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area for the first time. It isn’t often that a totally new business category opens up to those looking for different opportunities. When it does, it is generally agreed that the individuals who become involved at the beginning enjoy the greatest profit potential.

The increased demand for accurate background checks for government and private industry, along with technology developments in biometrics has created new careers in Live Scan Fingerprinting. Workshops in this growing field are now being offered throughout California, and two are scheduled in the San Francisco/Oakland area. Live Scan Fingerprinting Certification Workshops dates are found online for 2014 and first quarter of 2015. Online registration is available 24/7 at http://LiveScan-Classes.com/events.

Why Live Scan Fingerprinting?
Live Scan Fingerprinting is used to reveal criminal history information for identification, employment and licensing purposes. It matches fingerprints and other identifying information to existing data files for an individual. As use of this technique becomes more widely used, Live Scan Fingerprinting will reduce the need for the older process of applying inked fingerprint impressions on a card. Live Scan Fingerprinting electronically scans and transmits fingerprints to the California Department of Justice via a specialized computer terminal.

NLSA Corporate Training Office
The corporate training office for National Live Scan Association (NLSA) is based in West Los Angeles (Culver City, CA). All of NLSA's California based Network Members are approved and certified by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and the California Department of Justice (CAL-DOJ).

National Live Scan Association's trained and certified Network Members residing in California are able to provide Live Scan Services to applicants throughout the state; especially NLSA members that have taken advantage of the advance Fingerprinting Business workshop courses. Live Scan Fingerprinting serves the growing need for safety and security services in areas such as the medical and insurance professions, child care and adoption agencies, DMV occupational licensing, and personal record reviews used by Human Resource Departments in many companies.

An Essential First Step

Establishing a Career in Biometrics Live Scan
Attendance at one of the National Live Scan Association's Fingerprinting Certification Workshops being held in the San Francisco/Oakland Area can be an essential first step in establishing a career in the biometric Live Scan Fingerprinting industry. Instruction is provided on how to become a Certified Fingerprint Roller, Ink Card Fingerprinting as well as information on how to start a Live Scan business. For details on Live Scan class options on upcoming San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area Live Scan Fingerprinting workshops go to http://LiveScan-Classes.com/workshops or call 888-498-4234. For additional information about Live Scan Fingerprinting, then be sure to visit http://LiveScan-Fingerprinting.net.


About the Author:
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