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What is Live Scan?

http://LiveScan-Classes | National Live Scan Association Training Center | 888-498-4234 | LiveScan Fingerprint Rolling Certification Classes | 400 Corporate Pointe, Culver City, CA 90230 | http://NationalLiveScan.orghttp://LiveScan-Classes | National Live Scan Association Training Center | 888-498-4234 | LiveScan Fingerprint Rolling Certification Classes | 400 Corporate Pointe, Culver City, CA 90230 | http://NationalLiveScan.orgLive Scan is an inkless electronic fingerprinting captured at a computer (digitizing). Applicant fingerprints are electronically transmitted to the governing state and federal agencies in order to complete a criminal background check. Live Scan technology replaces the slow and "archaic" fingerprinting process of recording fingerprint patterns through a rolling process using ink and paper. In many states actual ink fingerprinting is still required.

Digitized fingerprint images enables Biometric Live Scan service providers such as those members of the National Live Scan Association (NLSA) to electronically transmit fingerprints to the CAL-DOJ, FDLE and/or other government agencies in a matter of just a few seconds; thus eliminating the need of sending hard copies through snail mail. And if requested, these government law enforcement agencies will also forward Live Scan data to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). We have a wide range of various LiveScan Fingerprint Rolling Certification courses available.

Certified Live Scan Fingerprint Roller

This course is specifically designed for the future Certified Live Scan Fingerprint Rollers, along with those seeking advance training.

Ink Card Fingerprinting 101

Become a Certified Ink Card Fingerprinting Technician. Ink Fingerprinting widely used both national and international.

Live Scan KickStart * $597 Limited Time Offer!

Our Live Scan KickStart path is the way to go learning the essential and taking action to start a Live Scan business quickly as possible!

Live Scan Operations - Level II

Designed for the business owners, those involved in development of Live Scan daily operations. This is a NLSA Level II curriculum.

Mobile Fingerprinting Operations - Level II

Work from home or from office, providing Mobile Live Scan & Ink Card Fingerprinting services is in high demand commercial markets and private sectors. This is a NLSA Level II course curriculum.

eMentoring Network (Level II Participants Only)

Our eMentoring program is exclusively for registrant that have taken or currently participating in NLSA Level II Curriculum programs. Click the eMentoring button to learn more.


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